LEAD, the initiative in an action; an example for others to follow.


Our founder had the privilege of working for Superbalist.com, a leading eCommerce fashion store in South Africa, during the rebranding and relaunch project in 2013 and then moved on to work as Head of eCommerce for The Gadget Shop www.thegadgetshop.co.za where he executed the redesign, build and launch of all digital platforms including the eCommerce store and Social Media, giving the brand a unique online presence and persona. 

A hurdle that continued to frustrate over the years was the outsourcing of services like Development, SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media to a variety of different partners. These outsourced providers expected large retainers for minimal work and spent no time making sure their digital strategy was in-line with the overall marketing strategy of the business, or the other partners working on the brand. These services need to be under 1 roof, but budgets often prevent companies from housing these specialised and important roles in-house.

We teamed up to create a 1-stop-shop for businesses, old and new, to have 1 partner that gets to know their business and takes responsibility for the full eCommerce solution and Digital Strategy. LEAD eCommerce was born! 

Established in 2013, with over 5 years’ experience in Digital Marketing and eCommerce, LEAD offers a full eCommerce solution to all, whether you are entering the arena or you are established in the fast growing world of eCommerce. We focus on the build and launch of new businesses websites as well as strategy and upgrades to existing eCommerce stores and websites. Our services include world class Design, Development, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), UX (User Experience), Content, Digital Marketing and Social Media Management. We also offer a wide range of eCommerce solutions and services including Buying, Merchandising & Promotions, Shop Management, Consulting & Strategy and introduction to Logistics partners.

At LEAD eCommerce, we believe that we are different in many ways. We are small enough to care, but big enough to deliver. We take the time to listen to your needs and get to know your business. We offer valuable retail advice and information on international trends. Most importantly, we finish what we start, we manage all projects from start through to snag list and completion.

LEAD Stands for Leading Ecommerce And Digital!