The basic meaning of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process that is followed to attempt to improve your Search Engine rankings. The search engines favour and give higher rankings to web pages that are authoritive and relevant, as well as a list of other criteria.

Because SEO is an on ongoing project, we complete an in depth audit on your existing site and structure our strategy accordingly, identifying areas of concern and opportunities for improvement.





LEAD eCommerce will improve your rankings and increase quality search driven traffic to your website.


By driving more traffic to your website, we are able to increase your sales. We also perform SEO down to a product level helping your products rank higher, making sure they are found when searched for.


With increased rankings, your brand becomes more credible.

LEAD focuses on page ranking, optimisation, strategic linking, page speed, 404 error pages and targeted content. We provide you with monthly reporting and areas of improvement.